Hoisting tripods have many uses. Most of the time they are used to lift a load. Vispieux manufactures three types of hoisting tripods, these tripods are sold throught North America.

These tripods are sold as kits, not painted and, in most cases incomplete. The reason for this is to offer them at the lowest possible cost. The parts that are missing are easily available locally.

The Smartripod


This tripod is meant to be built with standard construction4 by 4ʼs (actual size 3 1/2”X 3 1/2”). The capacity of it is of 1000 kilos or 2200 pounds.
Cost: $125 + shipping cost

Here is the instruction manual:

Here is how to build the Smartripod in pictures

How_to_build_the_Smartripod_in_pictures_jan 21.pdf

The Smartmetalpod

It is meant to be use with 2 inch square metal tubes by 1/8” thick, The Smartmetalpod comes with feet of 4 in X 4 in. and its lifting capacity is 2200 pounds (1000 kilos.) This tripod is heavy once built but it is very fast to remove the legs for transportation. It can be ordered with adjustable legs.

This is what is included in the package.


Cost: $100, with the adjustable leg kit, $140.

Here is the instruction manual:

The Smartripod can be ordered with an adjustable leg kit, here is the information on how to built them:


The Hunter's Pod

hunterspodThe idea behind The Hunterʼs Pod is to use small dead trees laying in the woods as its legs. The trees are sharpened to fit inside the 2 in. tubes. It can
also be used with 1 1/2 in. aluminum or steel tubes and can be ordered with feet and extensions for the tubes.

Adjustable legs can also be ordered for it, they extend the length to 4 1/2 feet using aluminum or steel tubes. This little tripod is very versatile, it can be used with 2 by 4ʼs if the end is cut to fit inside the tubes. The capacity of this tripod is 1000 pounds.

Click here for the adjustable leg instruction manual of the Hunter's pod

Price: $75, $165 with the adjustable leg kit



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