Looking for strong stakes for your shed or porch? At Vispieux, I offer three types of screw piles: the standard pile, the strong pile and also the fence post. These are not approved nor galvanized, but they are of excellent quality and at a fraction of the price of galvanized piles!

Standard pileStandard pile

Length: 5 feet

Tube Size: 1.5"

Tube Thickness: 0.125"

Propeller Diameter: 6"

Strong stakeStrong stake

Length: 5 feet

Tube sizes: 2" and 1.5"

Tube Thickness: 0.188"

Propeller Diameter: 6"

Fence postprise pieu cloture Designed to carry a standard 4 by 4.

The part that holds the wooden post is 3.5 in. wide by 8 in. high.

Length: 4 feet

Tube sizes: 2" and 1.5"

Tube Thickness: 0.125"

Propeller Diameter: 6"

When a stake lands on a rock, there are several possibilities:

1- If the rock is on the surface, it is possible to remove it most of the time.

2- If it is possible to move the pile, this is the easiest option.

3- If the stake is penetrated 2 to 3 feet into the ground, I leave it there and cut it. A stake resting on a rock is not affected by frost heave.

Pile prices (2024)

These prices include taxes and installation.

1.5" Regular Stake: $90

2" strong stake: $120

Fence Stake: $85

Transportation outside a 30 km radius: $60/hour (one way)

These posts (except the fence post) come with a 4 in. by 4 in. backing plate with an 8 in. by 1 in. adjustment rod. The installation of the piles requires the participation of the customer for the manipulation of the machine, which works on the principle of an auger.

Extensions are also available for the piles in the event that the ground is very soft or the customer wishes to have a metal leg instead of a wooden leg to support structure.

Price of extensions

10$/ft for 1.5 in piles

$15/ft for 2" piles

To order these piles, contact me!

Hardware pile installation service at $50 per hour (about 6 per hour), the customer provides the piles
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