Installing a fence is relatively easy,after the fence post has been installed and compacted, the 4 by 4 is inserted into it and held in place by a Clamp

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These fence posts have bendable sides that allow the wooden post to be positionned level

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Drilling the holes for the bolts. The fence posts are pre-drilled with four holes. However, it is difficult to drill the 4 by 4 piece and arrive exactly opposite the pre-drilled hole on the other side. To help with this task, it is best to only drill halfway through the 4 by 4.

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Another step of the drilling, we go to the other side and we drill, when the bit arrives opposite the hole in the wood, it follows the path and ends up in the pre-drilled hole on the other side.

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Installation of bolts. It is far better to use bolts than lag bolts, as lag bolts become loose after a while.

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Construction of the structure that will hold the boards.

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Final product.

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A fence installed this way will not lean after a few years.

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