The Smartpuller


There are no ‘‘Best’’ tool, there are only pro’s and con’s.


- The Smartpuller comes unpainted.

  1. -It has to be put together with a 2 by 4 and bolts (3/8’’ X 5’‘, 4 of them).

  2. -It has to be operated at a slight angle.

  3. -The handle has to be passed around the tree.

  4. -It is not very nice looking.

Here is a video of how to install it:

Only basic tools and woodworking knowledge are necessary.

Here is a demonstration of how to operate it.

This is what you get:

- About impossible to bend or break in any way.
- Inexpensive to buy and ship.
- You have the handle the length you want, it is a 2 by 4 (2 by 3 for weaklings!).
Produces a lot of strenth at the beginning of the pull and a high lift at the end.
100% money back warranty for 5 years.(No need to send the tool back)
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Download Smartpuller instruction manual
Featured in the Farm Show magazine!