Prices and Warranty

Please note: No tools are painted.

Smartmetalpod: $60

Hunter’s pod:$50

Introductory offer: One Smartmetalpod and three adjustable legs $150!

5 years 100% money back if not satisfied or tool breakage.

  1. -In case of tool failure send pictures.

  2. -In case of non satisfaction send explanations. Never send the tool back.


Smartmetalpod: $60

Take advantage of special 1: One EZ-Gripper + one Smartripod for $125

Take advantage of special 2: One EZ-Gripper + one Smartripod + one Smartpuller for $175

paypal / personal checks accepted


Smartpuller: $60

EZ-Gripper: $30

Smartripod: $100

For Europe: $100 shipping and 7 weeks delay, (Smartripod and Smartmetalpod only)


Find exact shipping cost by emailing to c/o: Pierre Ménard

Upon answer, confirm order and pay using Paypal or personnal check


Introductory offer; Three adjustable legs plus one Smartmetalpod: $150 (have to be shipped separately)

Shipping three adjustable legs to USA; $150, Smartmetalpod; $50 (approximative prices)

Shipping three adjustable legs to Canada; $80, Smartmetalpod; $40 (approximative prices)

One adjustable leg: $30, two, $60, three $100

About the adjustable legs