These tools are meant to extract buckthorn type of trees but they can be used for other plants also.


The Smart: (Save Muscle Articulated Root Tugger) This tool is an extension of our hands, it has the capacity to pull out many small plants in a short time and depending on the force of the user, it can pull out much bigger plants. The Smart is the most sofisticated tool that I manufacture.

Price: $125

The Smartpuller: This tool is used for bigger buckthorn, it is meant for buckthorn that are two inch diameter maximum. It  works with a standard 2 by 4 that the buyer installs himself.

Price: $75

The EZ-Gripper: This tool is used to pull out very big buckthorn with a hoist tripod or the shovel of a tractor. Often buckthorn trees don’t have branches near the bottom of the tree and a chain slides on the truck, the EZ-Gripper prevents this from happening.

Price: $30

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The Smart

The Smartpuller

The EZ-Gripper

The Smart in action

Smartpuller demonstration

EZ-Gripper demonstration

Clic here for the Smartpuller instruction manual (PDF)
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N.A.N: For a reason (overload of work or others) this product is unavailable temporarely (Not Available Now)