I manufacture three types of hoist tripods that are neither certified nor painted. I have been selling them throught North america and even Europe for years, they do the job. These hoist tripods are kits, the legs and certain parts must be bought locally. Shipping is paid by the buyer.


The Smartripod: Is meant to receive pieces of lumber of 4 by 4’s (3.5 in. X 3.5 in.) as legs. The lifting capacity is 2200 pounds.

Price: $100

The Smartmetalpod: Is meant to receive steel or aluminum tubes de 2 in. X 2 in. by 1/8 in. thick. It can be ordered with or without extendable legs. It comes  with feet of 4 in. X 4 in. the lifting capacity is 2200 pounds.

Price without extendable legs kit: $80

Price with extendable legs kit: $175

The Hunter’s pod: Built to receive small dead trees laying in the forest, the end of the trees have to be cut to fit inside a 2 in. X 2 in. square tube. It can also be used with steel or aluminum tubes of 1 1/2 in. and can be ordered with extendable legs that extend the length to  4 1/2 feet. It can even be used with standard 2 X 4’s when the end is cut to fit inside the tubes. It has accessories like connectors and feet to make the tubes longer and feet for fixed length of tubes. The lifting capacity is 1000 pounds

Prix: $60

For a shipping quote,

Contact: vispieux@gmail.com

Pierre Ménard Tél.: 873-200-6992

4440 chemin Robinson

Cookshire-Eaton, Qc, Can

J0B 1M0

The Smartripod

The Smartmetalpod without extendable leg kit

The Smartmetalpod with extendable leg kit

Extendables leg of the Smartmetalpod once put together

Hunter’s Pod with connector

Extendable leg of Hunter’ Pod

Guaranty: One year against malfunction or non satisfaction. Contact Pierre Ménard at vispieux@gmail.com for a full reimbursement.

How to build the Smartripod in pictures (PDF)http://www.vispieux.com/PDF/how_to_build_the_smartripod_in_pictures_jan-21.pdf
Smartripod instruction manual (PDF)http://www.vispieux.com/PDF/smartripod_instruction_manual_jan-21.pdf
Smartmetalpod instruction manual (PDF)http://www.vispieux.com/PDF/smartmetalpod_instruction_manual_jan-21.pdf
Smartmetalpod expandable leg kit instruction manual (PDF)http://www.vispieux.com/PDF/smartmetalpod_expandable_leg_kit_instruction_manual_jan-21.pdf
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N.A.N: For a reason (overload of work or others) this product is unavailable temporarely (Not Available Now)